Current User Agreement (abb. - ”Agreement”) is the main legal regulatory document, which contains the summary of imperative and dispositive terms of Parties interaction. User Agreement contains the public terns of use, which is addressed to unlimited coterie.

System users, irrespective of the status, once start using the services of “Jenkins Wallet”, are considered to be familiar with the terms of current Agreement; accept the rules that fully stipulated in the Agreement. Those users, who have not familiarized themselves or do not agree with the terms of Agreement, have not right to use the services of “Jenkins Wallet” system.

Terms and Definitions

Jenkins Wallet (abb. – «System») – online processing centre, issuing payments based on request of the client with currencies of corresponding payment systems.

Website – internet resource, which was created with the main purpose ensuring functioning of a System with domain name - . It is under organizational control and belongs to the Administration under conditions of private property rights.

Visitor – is a physical person who has reached the age of consent and is able to personally acquire civil laws and personally execute them, as well as create civil responsibilities, execute them and hold full responsibility in case of any incompliance. Visitors are unregistered Users, who have visited the website for familiarization purposes without accepting the public terms of use.

Client - is a person, who possesses sufficient level of legal capacity, and is able to acquire civil rights and responsibilities, as well as create civil responsibilities, personally execute them and hold responsibility in case of incompliance. Clients are Visitors, who have familiarized themselves with and accepted the terms of Agreement, Public Terms of Use and User Agreement in whole.

Administration – sole owner of the website based on the right of private property, who is also providing organizational, financial and technical support of System’s and its website existence and functioning. In addition, Administration provides uninterrupted functioning of the Website and round-the-clock free access of all participants of such network.

Parties – Visitor, Client and Administration.

Account – personal account of a particular Client, generated as result of Visitor’s registration on the network.

Authorization – confirmation of Client’s account actuality based on the order, stipulated by the System functional.

Private Office – set of functional features, allowing to use the System’s features to the full extent. It is available after the Account Authorization.

Authentification – identification procedure of a Client, required in accordance with general rules and regulations, created for economical operations.

jWallet Balance (abb. – «Balance») – financial balance of the Client’s account, which is topped up by the Client based of technical functional of the System. Balance currency is set in USD. One unit in the balance is equal to one USD based on agreement between parties, except for payments stipulated by the System’s functional.

Reward – commission payment, received by the Administration from Client for fulfilling Client’s orders in accordance with regulations of this Agreement and System’s functional.

Order – Client’s request related to crediting funds to the Balance, or write-off of funds from the Balance.

Public Terms of Use – offer addressed by Administration to unidentified coterie or a number of particular individuals, which clearly and precisely expresses the intention of the individual who made the offer to consider him/her to conclude this particular deal with the consignee, who will accept the offer.

Acceptance – full acceptance of conditions of Administration’s public terms of use by one of the Parties to conclude this User Agreement. Public Terms of Use acceptance happens at the moment when the exploitation (as well as familiarization) of a website and its services begins.

User Agreement

About exploitation of services of «Jenkins Wallet» system.

1. Preamble

1.1. This agreement defines basic rules of visiting, exploitation of services and terms of basic behaviour of Parties in the System. The agreement regulates the status of Parties from legal point of view and also regulates civil legal relations, which occur among them during exploitation of System’s services.
1.2. This agreement can be changed based on Administration’s decision unilaterally. Administration does not hold any responsibilities to personally notify Clients about such changes. New version of the Agreement becomes effective upon the publication at the Website.
1.3. Terms of agreement covers all Parties without exclusions.
1.4. Parties have agreed that the individual, who has accepted the Public Terms of Use, is considered to fully familiarize with terms of this Agreement, while having a clear memory and full understanding of juridical consequences of concluding such deals. The essence and volume of agreements, created for each Party of this Agreement are fully clear to him.

2. Subject of Agreement

2.1. Administration performs payment for third parties’ services based on request and order of the Client by crediting the funds based on details specified by the Client.
2.2. Client agrees to accept the services of Administration and to pay the commission reward to the Administration in amount, based on the System’s functional and this User Agreement.

4. Terms of use of System’s services

Client registration procedure:

4.1. Visitor, who wishes to become a Client, singly visits and familiarizes himself with the information about registration at the Website.
4.2. In order to receive the full spectre of abilities, which are offered by the Administration, Visitor personally completes the registration at the Website.
4.3. Registration procedure is initiated once the Visitor presses «Registration» button within the Website.
4.4. After pressing the «Registration» button at the Website, a registration form will be offered to the Visitor within the website, which is required to be filled.
4.5. In order to successfully complete the registration procedure, Visitor is required to fill the required fields – E-mail, Password and Name. After all required fields are filled in accordance with this Agreement, Visitor is required to get familiarized with terms of this Agreement, Work Rules and Confidentiality Policies. The fact of familiarization with terms of documents mentioned in this paragraph, is confirmed by putting «V» sign in the necessary field of the registration form.
4.6. Upon completion of registration form, Visitor sends the filled form to the Administration by using the “Send” button. Sending is completed by pressing the abovementioned button.
4.7. In case of necessity, Administration can offer a consultation to its Visitors, which is related to System functional.
4.8. In order to receive the consultation/informative support stipulated in item 4.7 of the User Agreement, the Visitor personally posts the request to receive such service via means of communication provided in the corresponding section of the Website.
4.9. Administration maintains the right not to react to the requests of Visitors in terms of consultation/informative support in case, if the Visitor’s request violates the terms stipulated in the Agreement. Likewise, Administration has the right not to react to the requests and not to answer in case, if the given request does not contain clearly formulated question (or description of situation), contains any insulting words and/or expressions addressed to the Administration, third parties as well based on other reasons, guided by common sense and inner convictions.

Procedures of Client Authorization:

4.10. After all the instructions listed in items 4.1 – 4.6 of the Agreement have been fulfilled, the Visitor will receive a message from Administration via email provided by the Visitor in the registration form, which contains the notification about account registration, as well as authorization procedures.
4.11. Visitor follows the instructions listed in the message to complete account authorization, or declines the authorization procedure by using the methods listed in the message.
4.12. Upon the completion of instructions of Administration provided in the message, the account is deemed authorized and Visitor gains new juridical status and becomes a Client.
4.13. For additional authorization, Administration maintains the right to carry out additional authorization measures by sending a short message with instructions to the phone number provided by Visitor in the registration form. Confirmation code is received by Visitor in case of compliance to two mandatory conditions – correct filling of the “mobile phone number” field in international format and pressing the “Receive code” button in the “SMS code” field. After pressing “Receive code” button in the “SMS code”, Visitor will receive a code to the phone number, which was provided by him/her in the “Mobile phone number” field.
4.14. In case if the conditions stipulated in item 4.13 of the Agreement become effective, Visitor is to complete the directions listed in the short message in accordance with System functional. In this case, Visitor becomes a Client and the account is deemed as authorized from the moment of completion of authorization instructions via mobile phone number by Visitor.

Procedures of Personal Office usage:

4.15. Client, once received the access to Personal Office functional, has the right to fully utilize System’s services.
4.16. Balance top-up of Personal Office and third parties service payment is done personally by the Client via the Personal Office functional.
4.17. In order to issue third parties service payment, top-up of third-party payment systems with help of System’s services, Client is obliged to have positive Balance.
4.18. System Balance top-up is completed personally by the Client via using financial instruments, which are integrated in the Personal Office functional.
4.19. In case of making System Balance top-up via third-party payment systems, Client may be charged a commission, based on the functional and document terms in said systems. Client accepts and understands that the Administration does not set the amount of such commission.
4.20. System Balance top-up is completed within 2 (two) hours from the moment of funds transfer from third-party payment systems to the settlement accounts and/or wallets of Administration. Balance top-up will not be completed in case, if the funds have been deducted from the balance of third-party payment systems, but have not been credited to the settlement accounts and/or wallets of Administration.
4.21. Client accepts and understands that the Administration does not influence the time-frames of funds transfer by third-party payment systems to the settlement account and/or wallets of Administration.
4.22. In case, if conditions stipulated in item 4.20 of the Agreement commence, Client’s Balance will be topped-up with the corresponding amount with the exception of commissions stipulated in item 4.19 of the Agreement.
4.23. In case, if Client places an Order for benefit of third parties, Client personally utilizes the Personal Office functional.
4.24. When creating an Order, Client is obliged to provide the following:

  • details of the payment system of payee;
  • payment amount;
  • payment purpose;
4.25. When creating an Order by using banking instruments and issuing entries for benefit of Client and/or third parties in non-cash format, the Order is carried out and accompanied by Administration representative – i.e. Manager. Client, who wants to issue the payment in Order format, described in this item, personally contacts Manager via Personal Office functional.
4.26. In case, described in item 4.25 of the Agreement, Client is to provide scan-copies of actual documents (not older than 1 week) to the Administration, which confirm the fact actuality of third-party company existence for benefit of which the Order of Client will be carried out. The list of necessary documents is provided to Client by Manager.
4.27. When sending the Order, Administration will deduct the amount of payment and reward commission of Administration from Balance.
4.28. The reward amount of Administration is provided in corresponding section of the Website and is subject to change; Clients are notified about that within the scope of informational space of Website.
4.29. Orders are deemed as completed by Administration from the moment of deduction of corresponding amount from the settlement account and/or wallets of Administration.
4.30. Time-frame of funds transfer to third party accounts depend on duration of implementation of corresponding financial operation by systems involved in this process.

5. Parties Responsibilities

5.1. Administration does not hold any responsibilities to protect the rights of Client, which were violated by third parties in context of regulating the arguments raised based on that, including juridically.
5.2. Visitors and/or Users are prohibited to post within the System an information, as well as reviews, which contain negative information such as:

  • contains direct or indirect signs of pornography;
  • insults or infringes upon anyone’s pride and business reputation;
  • discriminates on the grounds of sex, nationality, skin colour, communication language, personal ideology and religious beliefs;
  • fraudulent character of information, which misleads with regards to qualitative, quantitative and/or other characteristics of the object offer;
  • appeals of violence, outrage, violent upheaval, coup d'etat and/or military takeover;
  • suicide and its methods;
  • methods of manufacturing, storage, sale, use of drugs and/or psychotropic substances;
  • tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking by under-age individuals;
  • prohibited services;
  • contains harmful software and (or) other information, which may harm third parties;
  • violates author’s rights, neighbouring rights and/or trademark rights of third parties;
  • other types of information, which causes the violation of acting legislation norms, certain territorial jurisdiction;
5.3. In case of violation of conditions stipulated in item 5.2. of this Agreement and failure to fulfil the requirements of Administration, including removal of such information from public access, individuals committed said violations hold the responsibilities, stipulated in terms of this Agreement and (or) active legislation of the Russian Federation. In such circumstances Administration has the right to personally cease such violation by deleting the information and applying sanctions stipulated in item 5.12 of the Agreement.
5.4. Administration does not hold responsibility for Visitors and/or Clients, who have visited third-party (external) resources, links to which may be available at the Website. Results include any sort of outcome regardless of its character and which has resulted in moral and/or material harm to the aggrieved party.
5.5. Administration reserves the right to reject the servicing of certain individuals without providing any additional explanation of reasons. Administration has the right to keep the amount in the Client’s balance without a definite time-frame in case, if Client carries out any violations stipulated in this Agreement, as well as norms of active legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.6. In case of using the intellectual property belonging to Administration – i.e. website materials for any purposes, Visitor and/or Client is to obtain the permit from Administration prior to posting such materials. If Administration permit is available, Visitor and/or Client is to provide full name and domain name of the source as follows: Processing online centre “Jenkins Wallet” http://Jenkins Hyperlink should be active and direct, by pressing which a transfer is performed to the certain website page from where the material was borrowed.
5.7. By analogy with instructions provided in item 5.6 of this Agreement, Visitor and/or Client is to receive written authorization to use the results of third-party intellectual property from said third party beforehand. Method and procedures are agreed during the discussion with the materials rightsholder.
5.8. Administration does not hold any responsibility for User actions, which have caused the violation of rights or third parties.
5.9. Opinion mentioned in comments by the Visitor and/or Client, reflect the point of view of message author only, and may be different from Administration’s opinion; represent subjective opinion of its authors, which do not lay a claim to objectivity in any manner. Such opinions may be different from public opinion and be different in reality.
5.10. Administration does not hold any responsibility for contents of reviews by website Users. Reviews of website Users represent a subjective opinion of its authors and do not lay a claim to objectivity. They may be different from the public opinion and be different in reality.
5.11. Decision related to disclosure or non-disclosure of personal data, is taken by Administration based only on the Order, created by authorized person within the norms of active legislation.
5.12. Administration has the right to ignore the orders, appeals and mail, which do not contain the details of sender (e.g. Full Name, Contact Information etc.).
5.13. Administration does not hold the responsibility for registration information provided by the Client during the interaction with information field of the website during the registration process.
5.12. Administration has the right to limit the access without any explanation for the Visitor and/or Client to the Website and Personal Office with partial or full deletion of information, which was posted by him/her within System’s space.
5.13. Administration is to scrutinize the complaint created in accordance with item 4 of the Agreement, within 30 (thirty) calendar days starting from the day it was received.
5.14. Parties have agreed that Clients hold personal responsibility for safety of authorization information on the Website.
5.15. Parties affirm that Agreement is accepted by them with clear memory and full understanding of juridical consequences of concluding such Agreements. Backbone and volume of obligation created by the Agreement for each party, are totally clear to them. Parties have agreed that each of them is provided with full and reliable information related to information, which was provided in terms of this Agreement.

6. Procedures of disputes adjustment

6.1. In case of detection of information at the Website, which contains any results of intellectual property of third parties, the rightsholder is obliged to:
6.1.1. Create a complaint mentioning actual and regulative basis, which allow the Administration to remove the information from public access.
6.1.2. Attach proofs of originality of intellectual property result (original copy and other documents supporting the possession of rights related to the object of author’s right) to the complaint.
6.1.3. Provide commercial set of documents mentioned in items 5.1.1, 5.1.2 of this Agreement, and send them to Administration e-mail:
6.2. Client’s complaints related to service quality, products, as well as other comments, should be sent to Administration’s e-mail:

7. Other Conditions

7.1. All possible situations and disputes arising from interrelations between Clients, Clients and third parties, Clients and Administration, Visitors and Clients and/or Administration not regulated by this Agreement, are resolved in accordance with corresponding norms of active legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.2. Parties of current Agreement fully understand the volume of rights and responsibilities created by interrelations of parties mentioned in this Agreement, hold full responsibility for their actions and understand the juridical nature of consequences of such actions to full extent.
7.3. Inactivity from Administration side in case of violation of terms of Agreement by any of Clients, does not deprive the Administration of the right to take corresponding actions later in order to protect its interests and rights under the protection of law.
7.4. With regards to all questions, except for those mentioned in Section 6 of the User Agreement, Users can contact the Administration by sending the corresponding requests.

Protection policies of personal information about user

of «Jenkins Wallet» system

1. General terms

1.1. Current Policies define the procedures of processing and protection of Parties’ personal information by Administration, which can be obtained by the Administration while Parties use the services, which are provided by website.
1.2. The main purpose of these Policies is provision of sufficient protection of the information about Parties, including their personal information, from unsanctioned access and disclosure.
1.3. Relationships related to collection, storage, distribution and protection of the information provided by Parties, are regulated by current Policies and active legislation of the Russian Federation. Website Administration pays special attention to information protection. Data processing is carried out by the website Administration in accordance with norms of active legislation of information protection of the Russian Federation and also according to current Policies.
1.4. By using the Website, Parties express their full agreement with the conditions of the current Policies and provide Administration with the right to use the processing of personal information about them for purposes, provided by functional appropriation of the Internet resource.
1.5. In case of disagreement with terms of this document (partially or fully), the individual expressing his such will, does not have the right to use the services of the Website.

2. Purposes of collection, processing and storage of information provided by Website users

2.1. Processing of User personal information is carried out in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation. The processing of User personal information is performed by Administration for the following purposes:

  • User identification within the framework or relationships between Administration and User;
  • provision of a number of services offered at the website to the User by Administration;
  • performance of statistical and other studies based on depersonalized information;

3. Conditions of processing of personal information provided by User and its transfer to third parties

3.1. Administration takes all the necessary measures to protect User personal information from illegal access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.
3.2. Administration provides access to User personal information only to coterie, who need this information to ensure the Website functioning and User facilitation.
3.3. Administration has the right to use the provided User information, including personal data, in order to ensure compliance with requirements of active legislation of the Russian Federation (and also for purposes prevention and/or preclusion of any illegal and/or unlawful actions of Users). Disclosure of the User information can be done only by order of the court, request from law-enforcement agencies and also in other cases stipulated by legislation of the Russian Federation.

4. Website Terms of Use

4.1. User, while using the Website, confirms that:
4.1.1. possesses all necessary rights, which allow him to obtain civil rights and personally execute them, as well as the ability to create civil responsibilities with his actions, personally carry them out and hold the responsibility in case of incompliance;
4.1.2. provides reliable personal information in amounts sufficient to use Website Services; necessary fields for further provision of Website services are marked with «*» symbol; all information is provided by user at his own discretion;
4.1.3. realizes that personal information provided by User about himself/herself at the Website, can become available for third parties in accordance with cases provided by Policies and norms of active legislation of the Russian Federation;
4.1.4. familiar with conditions of current Policies, expresses his/her agreement with it and accepts right and responsibilities stipulated in there. Familiarization with terms of current Policies and labelling the field of these Policies with a tick under the link, is the written User agreement to collect, store, process and transfer personal data provided by User to third parties;
4.2. Administration does not check the authenticity of received (collected) information about Users, except for cases, when such verification is necessary in order to fulfil the User obligations, as well as other cases, not specified by Policies terms, but stipulated by the norms of active legislation of the Russian Federation.

5. Within framework of current Policies, «User Personal Information» is related to:

5.1. Information provided personally by User during the process of using Website, including, but not limited to: name, surname, contact phone number and/or e-mail address, IP-address, MAC-address and others.
5.2. Information, which is automatically transferred to the website during the exploitation process with help of software, which is installed at User’s device, including IP-address, information from cookie, User browser information (or other software, which is used to access the website), time of access and address of requested page.
5.3. Other User information, whose collection and/or provision is stipulated in terms of website usage.

6. Amendment and deletion of personal information

6.1. User can change at any moment (refresh, edit) the personal information provided by him/her or a part of it, as well as parameters of its confidentiality by sending this information to Administration e-mail.

7. Confidentiality policy amendment. Applicable legislation

7.1. Administration maintains the right to make changes in current User personal information protection Policy. In case of amendment of actual revision, the date of latest amendment is specified. New revision of Policy becomes effective from the moment of its publication at the website, unless another scenario is stipulated in the new revision of Policy. Current revision of User personal information protection Policy is located at the following address:
7.2. The legislation of the Russian Federation is applicable to the current Policy and relationships between User and Administration, which emerged due to application of confidentiality Policy.

Anti-Spam Policy

of «Jenkins Wallet» system

In respect of Anti-Spam policy, processing online centre “Jenkins Wallet” adheres to requirements of international legislation, which regulates the information turnover and Europe standards domain.

Administration condemns spam as a phenomenon and prohibits sending spam via Internet resource or using any other method. Access of users, regardless of their status, who have been proven themselves guilty of using spam mailing with purpose of products promotion and/or services within the Internet resource space, will be blocked. When taking such decisions, Administration follows the equality principle of users of the Internet resource.

By starting the work within the limits of the information domain of Internet resource, Users guarantee to use the system only for sending messages to those users and potential clients, who have confirmed their agreement to receive electronic messages. It is prohibited to send any spam by means of our system. Users are prohibited to use false, misleading or falsifying information to banner headlines and thread messages or their content.

It is prohibited to use purchased and/or accumulated e-mail addresses. Administration guarantees not to purchase and not to sell mailing lists with purpose of gaining profit, and acts at the services market, while following the principles of trustworthiness.

Administration guarantees that only registered network users are able to distribute the messages with help of Internet resource.

Internet resource users, by starting using its services, guarantee not to use rented or purchased mailing lists, as well as lists, obtained in any other manner. Sending advertisement information by Internet resource users to potential clients is carried out only with their written agreement to receive such information.

Electronic notifications of the Internet Resource

Electronic messages containing information (including ordering information), are sent by Administration to registered network users only. Internet resource users, by starting using network services, provide their agreement to receive electronic notifications to e-mail address specified by them during the registration, or to their mobile phone number.

Spam complaints and procedure of their examination

In case if you have become a victim of email spam with information about our Internet resource of any character, please let us know about this fact via our email address, by providing the email address where the undesirable electronic notification was sent from, and by forwarding the email spam itself. Administration examines the complaints without fail and provides a corresponding reply. Administration has the right to request any additional information from the applicant, and in case if such information was not provided, Administration has the right not to examine this complaint to the point. In case if it is confirmed that email spam was initiated by registered Internet resource user, Administration:

  • notifies the violator (for the first time);
  • limits a number of abilities of the violator (for the second time)
  • blocks the access of such user to the account (in case of receiving the third complaint).

Appeal to the controlling organizations

In case of receiving complaints about undesirable mailing lists about our company to the internet network users, please do not take any actions to block the domain and contact us directly. We value our reputation, ready for dialogue and to take drastic measures to elimination of law infringements and restoration of rights of internet network users.